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The ever-evolving financial markets continue to see the emergence of novel approaches to raising capital, especially as technology companies increase their dominance. One such approach that’s making a significant wave is the Initial Intellectual Property Rights Offering (IIPRO), invented by マルク・デシュノー. This innovative method allows companies to monetize their intellectual property (IP) rights, providing a new avenue for investment opportunities and for companies to fund their ventures.
Initial Intellectual Property Rights Offerings (IIPRO)

Initial Intellectual Property Rights Offerings (IIPROs)

An Initial Intellectual Property Rights Offering (IIPRO) is a financial process whereby a company sells or licenses most commonly part of, but sometimes all of its intellectual property rights to investors or other businesses. These rights can include patents, trademarks, copyrights, or any other type of legally recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind.


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Intellectual Property Securities Types

Intellectual Property Securities

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Intellectual Property Securities Market

Intellectual Property Securities Market

The Intellectual Property Securities Market will list 3 types of Intellectual Property Securities: Intellectual Property Investment Shares (“IPIS”) Intellectual Property Royalties Shares (“IPRS”) Intellectual Property

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