Intellectual Property Ownership Shares (IPOS)

Intellectual Property Ownership Shares (IPOS) invented by Marc Deschenaux represent an innovative financial instrument in the realm of intellectual property (IP) investment. These securities offer a unique dual-component structure, merging co-ownership in IP assets with the benefits of pass-through securities. This new form of investment vehicle aims to bridge the gap between IP creators, referred […]

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Intellectual Property Licensing Shares (IPLS)

Intellectual Property Licensing Shares (IPLS) represent an innovative financial instrument in the investment landscape, created by Marc Deschenaux. This novel class of securities introduces a unique blend of licensing assignment and pass-through elements, creating a bridge between Intellectual Property (IP) Issuers and Investors. The Concept of Intellectual Property Licensing Shares At its core, IPLS allows

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Intellectual Property Royalties Shares (IPRS)

Bridging Investors with Intellectual Property In the dynamic world of finance, the introduction of Intellectual Property Royalties Shares (IPRS) invented by Marc Deschenaux, marks a significant innovation, offering a unique investment opportunity that directly connects investors with the fruits of intellectual creativity. IPRS are a new kind of security that combines elements of royalties assignment

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